Post Harvest

In Agriculture, Post Harvest processing plays a very vital role. Post Harvest processing is the stage of crop production immediately following harvest, including cooling, cleaning, sorting and packing.

We use the most powerful dryer known to man – the sun for said process.

Our Values

The values we stand by are innovation, growth, responsibility, passion and teamwork.

Our Mission

The core of our mission is to offer integrated solutions to enhance irrigation system and boost the entire cycle with adapting and promotiong innovations.

Our Vision

We aim to be leaders in smart, effective and sustainable post harvest products.

Our Story of Sustainability

Transforming agri-tech

We at SimpliJith believe in delivering the highest qualityof completely integrated solutions to enable them to expand their rural chain. We are building ouy way for a revolution in the agricultural chain and deliver the best service to our clients by enabling and implementing the same.

Envisioning and innovating

we strongly believe that innovation and creativity go hand-in-hand. It is our mantra for sure success. Keeping this concept in mind, we offer integrated solutions to all our clients

Creating a lasting impact

We at Simplyjith, are dedicated towards creating a lasting impact to the clients by offering end to end solutions in the field of post harvest

Let’s do incredible things together.