We use intelligent and efficiently collected drone data to analyse and derive key insights that help enterprises plan and monitor in finer detail resulting in better productivity and efficiency.


Our agricultural intelligence is designed to improve farming year round from soil mapping to crop scouting and yield estimation.


We provide Professional-quality maps and 3D models empower you to instantly calculate aggregate volumes, keep track of equipment locations and monitor safety environmental compliance.


We digitize urban spaces, utilities, power and transportation infrastructure to enable smarter planning, tracking and communicating progress at any stage using accurate elevation maps, orthmosaics and GIS layers.

The major benefits of this UAS are as follows:

Fully Customizable Payload

Payload capacity enables you to support whole range of payloads ranging from multispectral camera or LiDAR system to highly customised payload for military.

Unparalleled Lifting Capability

We can provide UAS with capability to lift upto a payload of 250 kg, unprecedented in the industry.

High Precision and Accuracy

The UAS we offer comes packed with utmost accuracy and precision in order to deliver very high results to you.

Extra ordinary Flight time

The flight time is highly accurate and upto the mark to yield the desired results.