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Welcome To SimplyJITH Holdings

SimplyJITH Electronics, we handle Electronic System Hardware & Software Design for Automation Applications. We offer embedded solutions for Analog, Digital, Mixed Signal, and Power electronics domains used in Industrial, Military and Aerospace Applications

SimplyJITH Electronics, has been established by a team of professionals. Our Team with its several years of hands-on experience ATE, Embedded Systems & Software has led and setup a good technical & management team, serving the needs of our clients.

SimplyJITH Electronics, custom cable Assembly solutions are designed to meet the requirements of the customer’s specific needs. This is an integral part of the early design process.

SimplyJITH Electronics Core Competency in Value Added Services is their expertise in designing complex cable assemblies.

SimplyJITH Electronics offers custom solutions including integrated electronics, overmold, electro-mechanical assemblies, and OEM services such as special packaging, labeling, and markings all with SimplyJITH Electronics traditional and proven Quality!

Our Specialization

Through our trading subsidiary, with established international trade relations – we come with vast experience in identifying the right produce for our clients, which is our secret in nurturing sustainable trade market relations with our suppliers and clients.


Simplyjith with its core design expertise have been addressing stringent requirement of clients in DRDO Establishments /Industries and formed collaborative partnership with Global leaders in EDA to develop products and extend services.


Simplyjith Engineering Services team formed Strategic alliances with multi-faceted collaborative partners to leverage our cumulative strengths, resources and technologies to bring next generation solutions to our clients.

Services and Solutions

Simplyjith embedded system team is fully equipped to guide your project throughout the entire design Cycle and can assist in defining requirements for system architectures .We offer a wide range of Design that are intended towards transforming an idea into a complete product.

RF Prototyping System

Establishment of RF Communication between two nodes containing FPGA and RF Transceiver development boards. The Code/Algorithms designed in high end system with MATLAB will be ported on FPGA through VIVADO from which the data will be communicated through RF Transceiver channel.

RF Filters

With our expertise design team we design and manufacture all types of filters like Band pass, Hi pass, Low pass on power handling and frequency. We develop filters in Micro strip, Strip line, Cavity, Duplexer, Comb line. We design active filters as well with customized specifications.

Industrial Products

The major industrial products comprise of SBC’s for industrial, Ethernet Switches for industrial, Night Hawk RCU™ Rugged controller/ and Data concentrator Unit.

Serial Port Cables

The serial port is an I/O (Input/output) device. I/O device just way to get data into out of computer. There are many types of I/O devices such as serial port, disk drive controllers, Ethernet boards, Universal serial buses, etc. most of pc’s have one or two serial ports.

Circular Connectors

A Rugged, reliable solution. Circular plastic connectors (CPC)/Cables assemblies offer a custom, rugged, reliable solution suitable for a wide range of applications. The circular configuration of connectors provides designers with an efficient use of real estate and mounting options.

Molex Connectors

This is custom made wire harness according to customer requirements. Molex harness capabilities complement its connector offering by providing a total interconnect solution meeting industry performance needs.

RF Connectors and Cables

Wide range of RF connectors like SMA/N/TNC/BNC/MMCX/DIN with different types like Crimp, Right Angle, panel Mount, Solder type suitable for all types of coaxial cables. We assemble various types of cables harnessing using Circular, Vago and Molex connectors.